Early American Places

Prospective Authors: How to Submit a Proposal
Early American Places welcomes the submission of book proposals for the fields in which we publish. Generally, a book proposal should include the following information about your book:

1. The Concept.
*Briefly summarize the book’s main point.
*Explain the book’s scholarly contribution.

2. The Audience.
*Describe the intended reader/audience for this book.
*List the primary academic fields likely to be interested in the book, include the courses for which the book could have potential adoption.
*List three or four competing books. Describe how your book will distinguish itself from the competition.

3. The Book.
*Include an annotated Table of Contents, including brief chapter summaries.
*Estimate the wordcount of the book.
*State if the book will have photos, line art, or other illustrations.
*Estimate a date for completion of the manuscript.

Additionally, please include one or two sample chapters (preferably the introductory chapter), a current curriculum vitae or resume, and your current mailing address, telephone number, and email address.

Please make your submissions to the appropriate editor through their preferred method, listed below.

  • Walter Biggins, Acquisitions Department, UGA Press
    The Southeastern Colonies, the Caribbean, and the Spanish Borderlands
    Submissions by Mail Only:
    The University of Georgia Press
    Main Library, Third Floor
    320 South Jackson Street
    Athens GA 30602


  • Sara Johnson, Editor, NYU Press
    The Northeastern and Middle Atlantic Colonies
    Submissions by Mail Only:
    New York University Press
    838 Broadway, 3rd Floor
    New York, NY 10003-4812